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Your Skin Comes From Within

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Not many years ago beauty was looked upon as skin deep.  But in our ever advancing society we have come to realize that the surface only tells the story of what lies deeper.  The days of Botox and artificial fillers are quickly becoming passé as we find healthier alternatives to defy Father Time’s rampage upon our skin.   People realize that some of these treatments make you look young on the surface but can actually contribute to further decline inside the body.  Botox, for example, treats wrinkles on the surface of the skin.  It does this by using a poison to completely paralyze the muscle underneath.  While you may temporarily look better on the surface, you aren’t making your body very happy on the inside.  As people continue to use Botox, their faces become puffy and they develop and ashen appearance.  This can look worse than the wrinkles.
The best way to improve your outer beauty is to balance yourself from within.  The latest trends in facial rejuvenation are actually based on health care systems that are thousands of years old combined with the latest technology.  One of the most recent developments in facial care involves using the principles of Chinese medicine, color therapy, gemstones, microcurrent, and healing sound vibrations.  This procedure can diminish lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, encourage collagen production, sculpt and tone the face, and restore your complexion to vibrant health.

The facial procedure starts by the practitioner cleansing the skin with a delicious smelling citrus cleanser that leaves you feeling fresh.  It is then followed by an application of a conduction solution that contains the essential oils of yarrow, lavender, and chamomile as well as amethysts and diamonds.  The next step involves placing probes which emit microcurrent, color, and gemstones on specific acupuncture points located on the face and neck.  No needles are necessary.   The practitioner will choose from five different gemstones depending on your skin and constitution.  The gemstones used are green and pink tourmaline, citrine, black opal, and blue sapphire.  Emphasis is placed on areas surrounding the eyes, lips, forehead, cheeks and the marionette lines.   The practitioner will also spend extra time on any areas of your concern.  After the microcurrent portion is complete your face is bathed in an organic coffee mask.  This helps to pull toxins from the skin.   The practitioner then removes the mask with hot steamy towels that are scented of eucalyptus.  The whole procedure invigorates and rejuvenates your sense of smell and touch.  You feel both relaxed and revived at the same time.

These acupuncture points connect with all the major organs of the body including the large intestine, stomach, gallbladder, bladder, and small intestine.  By stimulating these points, not only do you erase years from your face, you tonify and balance the internal body.  This addresses the primary reason for the aging of the skin.  Not only do you look better, you feel better.  It is not uncommon for patients to report better sleep and a reduction in their stress level.  Once the treatment is completed, the practitioner will use tuning forks to further activate and balance the facial acupoints.  The tuning forks are used to incorporate sound and vibration into the healing process.  This reinforces the microcurrent procedure.

The recommended course of treatment is two facials a week for six weeks.  Once the package is completed a maintenance program is initiated.  This allows you to get facials as you feel they are needed.  This procedure is rapidly becoming a favorite among both women and men.

Kimberly Marin, acupuncture physician and registered dietitian, is one of only three practitioners in the state of Florida that is certified in this procedure.  She currently practices in South West Broward in Miramar but close to Pembroke Pines, Cooper CIty, Weston and Davie, FL.

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