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Warm, Cozy Cinnamon

By : on : 11/08/2017 comments : (Comments Off on Warm, Cozy Cinnamon)

November is here and so starts the season of friends, family, holiday parties and delicious food.  I decided to write about cinnamon this month because it flavors so many of the foods we crave during the holidays. It’s the center of the ever popular pumpkin spice. It’s in pumpkin pie, apple pie, cinnamon rolls, snicker […]

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The Heart is King

By : on : 01/25/2017 comments : (Comments Off on The Heart is King)

In February there is a big focus on Valentine’s Day and hearts. We love with all our heart, we get heartbroken, we are heart sick, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, we are heartfelt, and people tug at our heart strings. Since hearts are equated with love it is regarded with high importance in […]

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Winter…the Season of Cool Water.

By : on : 01/01/2017 comments : (Comments Off on Winter…the Season of Cool Water.)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the ancients tried to live in harmony with nature. They felt that this was the best way to maintain health and mental vitality. As the seasonal transformation is upon us let’s look at what changes could enhance our well being. According to Chinese Medicine there are five seasons; spring, summer, late […]

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How to Stress Less

By : on : 12/07/2016 comments : (Comments Off on How to Stress Less)

Every day when we watch the news we are subjected to high levels of stress. We sit in our living rooms and listen to experts insert fear into our hearts as they tell us times are bad. The market is bad. The housing economy is bad. Unemployment numbers are increasing and so on and so […]

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facial rejuvenation

Your Skin Comes From Within

By : on : 10/01/2016 comments : (Comments Off on Your Skin Comes From Within)

Not many years ago beauty was looked upon as skin deep.  But in our ever advancing society we have come to realize that the surface only tells the story of what lies deeper.  The days of Botox and artificial fillers are quickly becoming passé as we find healthier alternatives to defy Father Time’s rampage upon […]

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